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Kids Rock!

Kids Rock! exists to glorify God by making little disciples!

What Should Our Family Expect?

Every Sunday, your kids will go through a check-in process that ensures their safety during the gathering. They will then go to their age-appropriate classroom. Our classes include:

Little Kids: ages 0-2

Pre-K + K: ages 3-5

Big Kids: ages 6-10

In age-appropriate classes, children will have a time of worship, a lesson from the Word of God, and time to discuss the lesson together. They will also be given materials to encourage further discussion with their families throughout the week. We deeply encourage parents to take this opportunity to disciple their children.

Our Values


Creative Teaching

We foster imaginative and innovative methods of sharing Biblical truths to capture children's attention and spark their curiosity.



We prioritize creating a secure environment where every child feels known, loved, protected, and cared for.


Age Relevance

We tailor our teachings and activities to ensure they are relevant and understandable for each child's developmental stage.



We emphasize building meaningful connections among children, leaders, and volunteers, nurturing a sense of belonging and support.


Parent Partnership

We value and actively involve parents in their child's spiritual growth, working together as a team to guide and encourage them on their journey.



We believe in engaging children through exciting and enjoyable experiences that make learning about faith an adventure.

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